Monday, April 02, 2012

Well obviously back in Oct. of 2007 I had a bit of ambition to blog.  That was short lived.:)  I have thought about blogging many times and then thought better.  Why?  I am raw and put it out there...judgement of people...sometimes I don't like the real me...the list goes on and on.

My mind has been racing so much here lately.  LIFE and it's ever changing seasons.  Back in 2007 all of my children were still living at home and the oldest a Jr. in High school and the youngest in 3rd.  Now the oldest is 22 and about to be a mama herself and my youngest is in 7th grade.  LIFE is changing.  If I wait another 5 yrs to get back on, my youngest will be graduated from High school.   LIFE is ever changing. 

So my LIFE now...I feel like God is prompting me to open a door that I had shut and wanted it to stay shut forever.  Several months ago I felt that God was speaking to me about opening that door in my life.  I shared with Wes how I was feeling and we both begin to pray and seek God for answers to see if this was really what I am to do.  Doors continue to open.  But, do I really want to allow some deep pain in my life to be exposed??!!  I think not...but what if that is what I am being called to do?

In 2 Samuel David said...I  am in deep distress. "Let us fall into the hands of the LORD, for his mercy is great; but do not let me fall into human hands.”(NIV) or The Message..."They're all terrible! But I'd rather be punished by God, whose mercy is great, than fall into human hands."

Why is it that we can find mercy, grace & love as far as the East is from the West from our Creator God?   It seems from our friends, peers and acquaintances we find not much more than condemnation.  And to those of you that see God as a only or mostly  a God of wrath and judgement don't be fooled...I don't think my Jesus a man of only mercy.  In Colossians it says Forgive as the Lord forgave you.   And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

Why is it so hard for us to love as Jesus loved and to forgive as he forgave?  I'm so very guilty of this myself...

Not sure how this blogging thing will go...I started this several days ago and I am just now "finishing" it...and as I finish I am so annoyed by others and need to forgive. 

Friends can suck and hurt you...

Those are the thoughts in my LIFE right now.